June 24, 2017

Yesterday was a bad day for “stinkin thinkin” but I still managed to walk over a mile – why is this worth mentioning?? Well because when I got to rehab on May 10, I could barely walk because I was in so much pain in my lower and mid back. 

I hurt my back at work as a Paramedic back in Oct of 2013 and in January of 2014 I was in a car accident where I broke my hip. I lost my career and my independence in a few months time. Since then I’ve tried several methods of combating the pain. Nothing seemed to work. I fell into a deep depression and developed bad anxiety – this went on for 4 very long years. Then I developed an addiction to any pills that would put me to sleep for a while (days if I was lucky) but by the end of the month I was in pain and awake because I’d abused my pills as soon as I’d get them. 

Then at rehab, like I mentioned before, I threw myself into the NA program and wanted to stop taking anything stronger than acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The way I did it was I believed in the Placebo effect. I started walking and stretching and before I knew it, my pain was down and I wasn’t taking anything for pain. I’m up to about 2 miles a day on good days. Since I got home I’ve kept it up but I’ve skipped a couple days and it showed on the scale – so yesterday I did 2.5 miles and today I’ve got a mile in so far. 

If you don’t use the “health” app on your iPhone, I recommend it highly! I’m very happy with the results so far – I’m fitting in my skinny clothes again and I don’t mind telling you that hubby likes it too!! 

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