I had lost access to my Apple ID and contacted Apple several times before rehab to get it reset. Apple told me it would take DAYS to get it reset – when I got home some 40 days later it was still telling me it would be DAYS to reset. 

In the time before I went to rehab, I had been playing with my laptop where I found a Super User that had access to multiple wifi connections and was sending info to multiple computer devices. I didn’t want to blame hubby for these finds but I didn’t know anyone else that was capable of writing such computer codes. He of course denied doing it. But I found things like web pages that were set up on my laptop that pointed directly at him. Things such as him having a “Hangouts” account 

Also on this page from my laptop there was the IFTTT (IF This Then That) (right below my circle) – and instead of my hubby saying “this is BS and we need to find out who’s doing this” – his response was “as long as my shit works, I don’t care”. This frustrated me and made me not trust him as much. I started hearing messenges from him to one of our daughters over the TV, yes I was getting messages from the TV. I know that sounds crazy, but if you look at IFTTT- you’ll see that anything that has a wifi connection can be run with a smartphone or a computer. There are literally thousands of what they call “recipes” for running your electronic devices.

I also found that whoever was using my laptop to keep tabs on me had an edge account that showed up with hubbys gmail account and our physical address 
This was all before I went to rehab – while at rehab I kept getting messages from either the TV, Radio, and the people around me. For the first few days in the psych unit I was kept in a constant state of confusion. They tested me daily and would caugh, click their pens, did hand and foot gestures. There were people that played different “roles” ex: at the hospital ER they were a security guard but then would show up at the psych unit as a tech or nurse. 

I know this sounds crazy and this is the reason the Drs claim I had a psychotic break, but to me it’s very real and just as much scary as it is frustrating. I’m trying very hard to find a “truth” I can grasp onto and be able to put this behind me and move forward being happy and healthy. Thank you for your support! 

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