Say Something I’m giving up on you! 

I don’t know what my hang up is about hubby’s secrets. I feel jilted and left out. I feel like he’s become comfortable with his secrets and will never reveal them to me. I’ve been asking and begging him to talk to me about his feelings, about how my illness has affected him, and what he’s done to get over it but instead of talking to me he turned to someone else. It makes me feel like I don’t matter, like I can’t help him, like other people are better listeners. If I try to talk to him about it, he just gets upset and says “same shit everyday”. It’s getting on my nerves. I’m up and I’m down. I’m on an emotional roller coaster with no end in sight. How can we move on if there’s still secrets between us? How can we build on kept secrets when the “real deal” meant no more secrets between us? How can I come to terms with this and move forward? I pray every day for these feelings to leave me. I just hope we can come to terms before it’s all ruined and 28 years of our lives are lost. 

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