I’m having flash backs to time just before rehab, the time I supposedly had a mental break of sorts, and I’m having issues bonding with my husband. I’m still having trust issues. But for the past 3 days, I’ve been getting out and spending time with my horses. They have trust issues too, so I’ve been bringing them in to the corral and I’ve been sitting with them, giving them treats, talking and singing to them. Really just spending part of my day with them. They are getting used to our routine. And I’m trying to get used to hubby and my new routine (living with sober me) and that’s not always easy to do. Hubby is feeling neglected and I’m feeling smothered. It feels like there’s a gap in our relationship that neither of us knows how to fill.

I’m starting to see some positive progress with bonding with my horses, but now I need to somehow transfer those emotions into my marriage. We have 28 years together and neither of us is going to give up on the other. However, it would be awful for this gap to continue to come between us.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can go about doing this, please PLEASE share them with me.

Thank you for reading!