LoL …But seriously

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Its the day we watch football and lounge in our underwear. Its also “The Lord’s Day”, and around here its the day we worship in our undies, by yelling at the TV and telling the Broncos that they are messing up all over the place. Thank Goodness we live in the middle of nowhere. There’s a feeling of security that no one will see this sight of us, but there is also a feeling of freedom.

I love our new lifestyle. We get to spend lots of time together. We argue and make up on the regular. As the days pass its getting easier and easier to leave the past in the past. I still have flashbacks, and sometimes think about the days before rehab and how bad things had gotten, but those thoughts are less these days and I’m able to move on quicker than I’d been able to.

I’m still trying to change, but some things just don’t let go. There are things that just are and you can’t help them. I suppose this is where Serenity fits in. I need to focus more on the Courage part. And in time, I may even get some Wisdom.