I’ve been framed!!

So I decided to make a couple of picture frames. I wanted a rustic looking one for an “old time photo” I took several years ago with my friend. I had really just wanted to make this one and be done but when I finished it, I was feeling quite accomplished and decided to try to do it again with some left over pine I had from when we did our walls. The second one came out better than the first and I was very happy with the results.

I have a carpenter friend and he told me that making a frame may seem easy to do, but he warned me it was actually an ambitious project. So with a rough draft on paper and a little self confidence, I set out to make a frame.

Here’s my rough draft. And my pallet wood.

Here’s my homemade guide for the table saw (I couldn’t find the real one)

Hubby found the table saw guide and I was able to make these cuts. (Please excuse my Christmas tablecloth)

Then I had to make a rebate. (A new word I learned from my carpenter friend)

Another project done! next will be glass cutting, wish me luck!