Today I did something I hardly ever do, I tagged along with my daughter to do something they call “opening gates”.

Recently, on a weekend visit, our daughter helped her daddy feed the herd of cows that make up our ranch life.

I really didn’t know exactly what needed to be done day after day to keep this business running. After today, I see how these things get done and what it takes to secure our way of life and advance as a business.

I have never put into words how deep my love for my middle daughter is. We haven’t always agreed on things. Since becoming an adult and living away from home our relationship has changed and we’ve become friends. But now I see her in a whole new light and my respect for her and what she does to help her parents has grown on so many levels.

On her most recent home visit she was headed out to help her dad and asked if I would go along and I agreed.

Maggie and I sat in an idling and warm Tahoe as we watched my daughter jump out into subzero temperature to open gates and cut the twine off of the one ton bales of hay. Her dad and her have been worked side by side for so long that she seems to read his mind.

It also amazes me that my husband, my love, does these actions every day, sometimes twice without fail no matter what the temperature or weather is.

I could never be thankful enough for their hard work and super dedication to keeping this place running every single day.